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ring die pellet mill

Ring die pellet mill is main pellet mill equipments. It is mainly used to turn various kinds of agro-forestry wastes into biomass pellets fuel. Generally, the ring die pellet mill includes feeder system, screw conditioner, gearbox, ring die and lubrication system. The raw materials are transferred to screw conditioner by a screw feeder. Then different raw materials are fully mixed in the conditioner. Therefore, the screw conditioner plays an important role in softening raw materials by using steam. After softening, the raw materials are sent to pelletizing chamber by feeder. The pressure from rollers in the chamber force the raw materials into the holes of the ring die, the pellets are formed. After pelletizing, the large pellets can be cut according to customers’ different requirements.

ring die pellet mill  pellet mill with ring die

Technical Parameters

Model Main motor
Capacity(t/h) Feeding motor
Conditioner motor
Diameter of
Pellet diameter
KMPM25 7.5*2 0.2-0.3 0.75-0.55 2.2 250 4-8
KMPM32 37 0.3-0.6 0.75-0.55 2.2 320 4-8
KMPM35 55 0.5-0.8 0.75-0.75 2.2 350 4-8
KMPM40 75 0.7-1.1 1.5+0.75 2.2 400 4-8
KMPM42 110 1.0-1.5 1.5+0.75 5.5 420 4-8
KMPM508 132/160 2.0-3.0 1.5+0.75 7.5 508 4-8

New Design Style of Ring Die Pellet Mill

ring die pellet machine ring die pellet mills

Technical Parameters

Model Main motor power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Feeding motor power(kw) Conditioner motor power(kw)
KMPM350 55 500 0.55 5.5
KMPM420 90 800-1000 0.55 5.5
KMPM520 75*2 1500-2000 0.55 5.5
KMPM650 110*2 2500-3000 1.5 7.5

Main Parts of Ring Die Pellet Mill

main parts automatic lubrication system
Magnegic Separator Automatic Lubrication System
mositure adjust device main part
Mositure Adjust Device Overload Discharge durng Pelletizing System

Features of Ring Die Pellet Mill

lucrication system The lubrication system adopts a tracing and inspection system controlled by a microcomputer. When the temperature of the bearings exceed normal temperatures, the microcomputer will start the auto-lubrication system for lubrication—thereby conveniently ensuring smooth functioning of the rollers. There is also the option to lubricate by hand.
Lubrication System

drive gear The drive gear is a precision-made transmission mechanism. The bearings are sourced from Sweden. Compared with the previous bolt-fastening way, the ring die adopts a hoop fastening method which increases the speed of discharge. As a result, the capacity is 10-15% higher than the belt transmission structure.
Drive Gear

ring die The ring die and roller both adopts alloyed steel. The heat treatment process  utilizes carburization treatment that increases the depth of hard-facing to 2 mm As a result, this not greatly improves the anti-abrasion properties of the ring die and roller but saves on replacement costs.
Ring Die