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pellet packing machine

In order to save labor cost, the pellet packing machine is an ideal choice for you in the complete pellet plant. Although some customers make the biomass pellets or wood pellets in the container or warehouse directly, many customers are willing to purchase wood pellet packing machine to pack pellets with plastic bag from 15kg to 50kg.

Auto Pellet Packing Machine

pellet packing machine

Technical Parameters of Pellet Packing Machine

Weight Range (kg) Precision at Static state (%FS) Precision at dynamic state (%FS) Bagging Speed (bag/hour)
10-50 0.1 0.2 300-400

Detail Parts of Pellet Packing Machine

belt conveyor bag holder and control panel heat sealer control
Belt Conveyor Bag Hold and Control Panel Heat Sealer Control

Main Structures

  • Auto filling system
  • Auto weighing system
  • Auto belt conveyor
  • Electronic control box and computer control box
  • The parts directly connected with materials are made of stainless steel.
  • Auto alarming system can calculate gross weight, net weight and accumulated bags.
  • Reasonable design for easy maintenance.